Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar

Friends and I at the Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminar

I recently posted an article that Tony Gentilcore shared on facebook, and wrote a guest article for Eric Cressey‘s blog. Since then several thousand of you have clicked your way through to my site. Welcome! And thanks to Eric and Tony!

Here’s a brief introduction for people who are new to the blog:

I graduated this August with a degree in Kinesiology and a certificate in Exercise Nutrition from Humboldt State University. Earlier this month I passed my NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam and have been USAW olympic lifting certified since 2008. I ran the Track and Field Decathlon (ten sprinting, jumping, and throwing events) at HSU. My studies heavily focused on how nutrition and exercise impact hormonal status and how we can use nutrition to look, feel, and perform better. I’ve been reading about and testing nutrition information since about 2006. I finished my course work in May of this year and immediately moved to the east coast to intern at Cressey Performance, where I spend three months working in the gym for 50 hours a week with high school, college, and elite athletes.

Here’s a video of me lifting a few months ago. I’ve put on over 24 pounds of lean mass since then while training at Cressey Performance; I will write about this soon.

At the end of August, I moved back to California where I’m continuing my nutrition practice, Evolutionary Health Systems, and designing nutrition and exercise programming for athletes, students, and online distance clients. You can read about my services here.

This is my blog where you can contact me and read my thoughts on nutrition, exercise, sports, and whatever else is on my mind.

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Welcome and thanks to Tony and Eric!
Tyler's dinner

Post workout nutrition- Wild Alaskan Salmon, sweet potatoes brazed in coconut oil, and kale

Explosive rotary medicine ball work, upper body weight training, and an hour of full court basketball… Food to refuel the body. And it took me less than 15 minutes to make.

  • Rub olive oil on the salmon, season with salt and pepper, bake for 14 minutes and 425 degrees
  • Peel and slice sweet potato, heat up a tablespoon of coconut oil in a pot, add sweet potato and braze for 10 minutes w/ lid on.
  • Fry kale in a small amount of coconut oil, season with salt and pepper.
This actually captures his likeness pretty well.

I spent all day at the Robb Wolf’s seminar in Boston yesterday. It was a really fun group, I had an awesome time. The presentation was excellent with a lot of great background science and some great tips for implementation. I’ll post some notes on cool stuff soon.

Whole Foods Debacle

Posted: August 14, 2011 in education, nutrition

Every Sunday my roommates and I go to whole foods to get our meat, butter, and a couple other random things for the week. Sometimes I get odd looks when I’m checking out with 300 thousand calories of grass fed ground beef, pastured butter, and a couple packs of Spinach- these Whole Food types tend to be in pretty savvy in conventional nutrition wisdom. They’re are probably more likely to be joggers and soccer players than people that are going to go home and watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona on their DirecTV (inside joke).

I like to start conversations with people wherever I go, so what follows is a classic conversation between me and some hot shot doctor. To preface this, I walk up to a register, and unload 9 lbs of red meat and a lb of pastured butter on to the belt. Nothing else. My heart’s about to fall out of my chest in a congealed pool of fat right??

Guy In Front of Me in Line: (Gives me a strange look)

Tyler: (Smiles) Don’t worry the fruits and veggies are already at home.

GIFML: Sure they are. You’re not fooling me.

Tyler: No really, I love fruits and vegetables… I just had to get all this [meat and butter] to fulfill my nutritional needs. Red meat is nature’s multivitamin!

GIFML: Yeah, maybe so, but it has a bunch of other stuff in it too.

(Sensing a forthcoming splurge of unsubstantiated dogma) Oh really… Like what?

GIFML: Like cholesterol!

Tyler: Oh. Yeah, poor cholesterol has been pretty demonized. It’s a real bummer that so many people have been miseducated in to thinking that eating cholesterol raises cholesterol levels in the blood and increases their chance of cardiovascular disease. You’re body needs cholesterol.

GIFML: That’s not true. I’m a Medical Doctor!

Tyler: Actually cholesterol is really important for production of sex hormones, brain tissue, nerves, and cell membranes. If I wanted to screw myself up I’d just eat a ton of refined carbohydrates to get my liver to flood my system with triglycerides through de novo lipogenesis.

GIFML: No, you need a balance. Too much cholesterol and you die.

Tyler: I’ve eaten like this for the last 4 years; my HDL is 111, triglycerides are 36, and LDL is 64.

GIFML: That’s just because you have good genetics.

Thank you… Uh, so why are low cholesterol levels in women associated with earlier death?

GIFML: What? I’ve never heard that. Can’t be true.

Tyler: Don’t take my word for it. Look it up. Have you heard of medical journals?

GIFML: No. I’m a doctor.

Tyler: Well I don’t want to argue about it. I feel sorry for your patients.

Sadly, that’s what we get with a lot of Doctors these days. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t think doctors are bad people, on the contrary I think their motivations are good and that they truly wish to help people. The problem is, a doctor might get 8 weeks of training in nutrition in medical school… the rest of the other 8 years is mostly pharmacology. And then the rest of their continuing education comes from pharmaceutical reps.

I was talking with a young athlete in Cressey Performance last week, and he said his mom makes him eat margarine instead of butter. I talked with him a little bit about how poisonous margarine is for humans and why he shouldn’t be scared of eating butter. The poor kid comes back to me a couple days later and said that his mom looked it up on the internet and I’m wrong, and that their doctor told him not to eat butter. I think this is really, really sad, as the damage they are doing to this kid going to effect him for the rest of his life.

If you want to really learn about how cardiovascular disease happens and why we shouldn’t blame cholesterol, check out this freshly released, free presentation from Chris Masterjohn:

Heart Disease and Molecular Degeneration – Chris Masterjohn

Slides here

Using a Sock for Soft-Tissue Work

Posted: August 5, 2011 in recovery

Trainer of the stars and resident greek god, Tony Gentilcore, just posted a short article and video on using a sock for self myofascial release.

It features my sock and lacrosse ball that have been across the world, so check it out: